Independent Historian

Native Angeleno, Rick Blocker is a retired Los Angeles Unified School District teacher and life long Black surfer. He has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion in surfing for over 50 years. Rick is an original member of the Black Surfing Association and his exploits were featured in the “White Wash” documentary film (2011) about African American surf culture.

Nicolas Rolando [“Nick”] Gabaldon (1927-1951)

Surfing aficionados credit Nick Gabaldon as California’s first documented surfer of African and Mexican American descent. A skilled recreational surfer, his legacy has inspired many, including especially surfers of color, to consider him as a role model. Born Nicolas Rolando “Nick” Gabaldon, Jr. in Los … Read MoreNicolas Rolando [“Nick”] Gabaldon (1927-1951)