Independent Historian

Rick Bennett is the friendly, independent historian at the heart of Gospel Tangents Podcast: The Best Source for Mormon History, Science, and Theology. Rick specializes black Mormon history, among other topics.  For the past seven years, Rick has hosted Gospel Tangents, a podcast and YouTube channel focusing on Mormon history, science, and theology, where he interviews not only Latter-day Saint scholars and leaders, but Restoration leaders from other offshoots like Community of Christ, Strangites, Bickertonites, and even fundamentalist Mormon cousins in the Restoration Movement.  Besides his podcast, he teaches math and statistics at Utah Valley University and Western Governors University. He also freelances in the network television/cable T.V. industries as a sports statistician. Rick holds a Master of Statistics Degree from the University of Utah and has worked as a research biostatistician in the fields of Dermatology and Traumatic Brian Injuries. Rick loves not only black history, but family history and Mormon history as well.

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