Independent Historian

Beatrice Johnson is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma born to Reverend Alvan Nathaniel Johnson, Sr. and Verla Odelma Clardy Johnson. She is an alumna of Booker T. Washington High School and the University of Tulsa. In 1995, she started writing for the Oklahoma Eagle newspaper, where her uncle Reverend Ben H. Hill was once the editor. Her love for writing has never stopped. Earning an MBA degree in Business Administration, Johnson is a co-author for the book, Before I Got Here: The Wondrous Things We Hear When We Listen to the Souls of Our Children edited by Blair Underwood.  Johnson became an Independent Historian while researching her grandfather, Bishop William Decker Johnson’s history with the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church. She is currently an actress and freelance writer in Atlanta, Georgia.

William Decker Johnson (1869-1936)

William Decker Johnson was the 42nd Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and founder of Johnson Home Industrial College in Archery, Georgia. Born November 15th, 1869 in Glasgow, Thomas County, Georgia to Reverend Andrew Jackson Johnson and Mattie McCullough. Both parents were former … Read MoreWilliam Decker Johnson (1869-1936)

Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church (1905- )

Vernon African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church is located at 311 North Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vernon is the only remaining edifice from the worst race massacre in American history in 1921 and the only black-owned structure from the Historic Black Wall Street era. It … Read MoreVernon African Methodist Episcopal Church (1905- )