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Daphne Barbee-Wooten is an attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has practiced law for over 30 years and is active in law, politics, writing, and dance. She was on the first Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, and was the first EEOC trial attorney in Honolulu. She has served as President for the African American Lawyers Association and is co-founder of Amen Rasta I Production Company, which produces historical and travel documentaries. She is the author of African American attorneys in Hawaii (2010) and has contributed chapters to They Followed the Tradewinds: African American History in Hawaii.

Donnis Hazel Thompson (1933-2009)

Dr. Donnis Hazel Thompson was an athlete, coach, University of Hawaii Women’s Athletic Director, State of Hawaii Department of Education school superintendent, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission chair in Hawaii, and champion for Title IX women’s athletics in Hawaii. Thompson was born in Chicago, Illinois, … Read MoreDonnis Hazel Thompson (1933-2009)

George Marion Johnson (1900-1989)

Image Ownership: Library of Congress Dr. George Marion Johnson had a distinguished public and professional career that included high administrative positions at universities on two continents as well as governmental positions in agencies which protected the civil rights of all Americans.  Throughout his career, he … Read MoreGeorge Marion Johnson (1900-1989)

Lloyd A. Barbee (1925-2002)

Image Ownership: Wisconsin Historical Society Attorney Lloyd Augustus Barbee was born August 17, 1925 in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was the youngest of three brothers from Earnest A. Barbee and Adelina Jenkins Gilliam, both from Mississippi.  Barbee attended LeMoyne College in Memphis and later went to … Read MoreLloyd A. Barbee (1925-2002)