George Beavers, Jr. (1892-1989)

George Beavers, Jr. was born in 1892, in the Mechanicsville section of Atlanta, Georgia.  His parents decided to leave Atlanta with their children in 1902, after white mob violence erupted in their neighborhood.  They settled in Los Angeles where they expected to find “full citizenship … Read MoreGeorge Beavers, Jr. (1892-1989)

Esteban (?-1539)

Esteban, an enslaved Moroccan, made the first contact with the native peoples of what is now the American Southwest.  Fraught with misunderstandings, that encounter led to Esteban’s untimely demise in 1539 and prefigured the violence that would characterize the Spanish conquest and subsequent colonization of … Read MoreEsteban (?-1539)

Ernest William Chambers (1937- )

Ernest William Chambers, Africana intellectual, has lived in the semi-segregated community of North Omaha, Nebraska for his entire life. A community activist in the 1960s, Chambers rode into office in the Nebraska State Legislature on the crest of new-black electoral power in 1970. As a … Read MoreErnest William Chambers (1937- )