Denise Katrina “Vanity” Matthews


Denise Katrina Matthews—singer, songwriter, actress, model, and dancer—was born on January 4, 1959 to a Polish-German Jewish mother, Helga Senyk, and an African American father, Levia James Matthews, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. She also had two sisters Patricia and Renay Matthews. Her parents divorced partly because her father physically abused her.

As a teenager Matthews entered local beauty pageants when she moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to become a model. In 1977 at the age of 18, she won Miss Niagara Hospitality. A year later, she unsuccessfully competed for Miss Canada.

At 19, Matthews moved to New York City to further her career. She signed with the Zoli Modeling Agency. At a short 5’6 inches tall, she was limited to commercials and photo shoots modeling. In 1980, Matthews had a small role in the film Terror Train and the following year she was the lead actress in Tanya’s Island.

In 1982, Matthews met the singer Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) who gave her the stage name, Vanity, and had her become the lead singer of a girl group he managed named Vanity 6. Now consisting of three members, Brenda Bennett, Susan Moonsie, and Vanity, the group would be known for their sexually explicit lyrics, raunchy choreography, and lingerie-laden outfits. The group released one album Vanity 6 with one successful single, “Nasty Girl.” Also during this time, Vanity dated Prince.

In 1984 Vanity left the group to pursue a solo career at Motown Records. She released two albums, Wild Animal (1984) and Skin on Skin (1986). Vanity acted in numerous movies during the 1980s including The Last Dragon (1985), Never Too Young to Die (1986), 52-Pickup (1986), and Action Jackson (1988). She would also have minor television roles in shows like Miami Vice and Friday the 13th: The Series. She posed for Playboy twice in 1985 and 1988. It was also during this time that Vanity became addicted to crack cocaine.

In 1992, at the age of 33 Vanity became a born-again Christian evangelist. She denounced her stage name and former career name. Vanity. In 1994, however, she nearly died from kidney failure following a drug overdose which indicated she had relapsed into drug abuse. She survived and later claimed that Jesus appeared to her and spoke to her. In 1995, Denise Matthews married NFL Football Player Anthony Wayne Smith but the couple divorced in less than one year. In 1997, Matthews underwent a successful kidney transplant. She reemerged as an evangelist and spoke at churches around the United States and around the world about her turbulent life. In 2010, Matthews released her autobiography Blame It on Vanity: Hollywood, Hell, and Heaven.

Unfortunately, past years of crack cocaine addiction had taken a toll on Matthews’ body. She was placed on peritoneal dialysis five times a day. In 2015, her health worsened and she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and encapsulating peritonitis. Denise Katrina (Vanity) Matthews died on February 15, 2016 due to kidney failure at a Fremont, California hospital at the age of 57. Ironically two months after her death, Prince died from an accidental drug overdose on April 21, 2016 at the same age of 57.