Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama (1883- )

The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church was built in 1883 on the corner of Dexter Avenue and Decatur Street in Montgomery, Alabama.  The church served as a meeting place and planning hub for some of the most influential actions of the Civil Rights movement throughout the … Read MoreDexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama (1883- )

Homer G. Phillips Hospital (1937-1979)

Homer G. Phillips Hospital, one of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions, was designed by architect Albert Osburg. The hospital was opened in 1937, six years after the assassination of its benefactor and advocate Homer G. Phillips, a St. Louis, Missouri-based African American lawyer. The … Read MoreHomer G. Phillips Hospital (1937-1979)

Wiley College (1873- )

Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, is the first African-American college established in the Lone Star State.  The institution was founded in 1873 by Bishop Isaac Wiley of Methodist Episcopal Church and chartered by the Freedman’s Aid Society in 1882. Isaac Wiley grew up with dreams of becoming a … Read MoreWiley College (1873- )

Lincoln Hills Country Club (1922-1966)

In the years prior to World War II, the Lincoln Hills Country Club was a renowned vacation development for African Americans in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Located in Gilpin County, an hour outside Denver, between Pinecliff and Rollinsville, Lincoln Hills was for years the … Read MoreLincoln Hills Country Club (1922-1966)

First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia (1780- )

The First Baptist Church, founded in 1780 by Joshua Morris, emerged in the aftermath of the Great Awakening religious revival movement (1730s-1770s) that spread across the South.  In contrast to the other churches in Richmond organized during the same time, the First Baptist attracted both … Read MoreFirst Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia (1780- )

Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Great Falls, Montana (1890- )

The Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church in Great Falls, Montana, is one of the state’s oldest active churches. The African American community in Great Falls dates to the town’s beginnings.  As elsewhere in the western United States, the community came together early on for mutual benefit … Read MoreUnion Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Great Falls, Montana (1890- )

Creek Seminole College (1906-ca. 1925)

The Creek Seminole College was officially opened in 1906 in Boley, a black town in Creek Nation, Indian Territory (today Oklahoma).  The school’s founder and president was John C. Leftwich, a graduate of Selma University in Alabama.  Leftwich built the college on five acres of … Read MoreCreek Seminole College (1906-ca. 1925)