Tuskegee University (1881– )

  Tuskegee Commencement, May 20, 1917 Image Ownership: Public Domain Tuskegee University, one of the largest historically black universities in the United States, is a private university located in Tuskegee, Alabama. It was founded by Lewis Adams, a former slave, and George W. Campbell, a … Read MoreTuskegee University (1881– )

Newark Moorish Science Temple of America (1914– )

Noble Drew Ali and Followers Image Ownership: Public Domain The Moorish Science Temple of America is a sect of the Islamic religion that teaches the uplifting of fallen humanity and the making of better citizens. Symbols of this religion include the star and crescent, fezzes, … Read MoreNewark Moorish Science Temple of America (1914– )

Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company (1865-1874)

The Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company, commonly referred to as The Freedmen’s Bank, was incorporated on March 3, 1865.  It was created by the United States Congress along with the Freedmen’s Bureau to aid the freedmen in their transition from slavery to freedom. By late … Read MoreFreedmen’s Savings and Trust Company (1865-1874)

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama (1883- )

The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church was built in 1883 on the corner of Dexter Avenue and Decatur Street in Montgomery, Alabama.  The church served as a meeting place and planning hub for some of the most influential actions of the Civil Rights movement throughout the … Read MoreDexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama (1883- )

Homer G. Phillips Hospital (1937-1979)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Homer G. Phillips Hospital, one of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions, was designed by architect Albert Osburg. The hospital was opened in 1937, six years after the assassination of its benefactor and advocate Homer G. Phillips, a St. Louis, Missouri-based … Read MoreHomer G. Phillips Hospital (1937-1979)

Langston University (1898– )

Langston University’s School of Business, 2006 Image Ownership: Public Domain In March 1897 the Oklahoma Territorial Legislature created a land grant college to train African American teachers, calling it the Colored Agricultural and Normal University.  Classes opened in the fall of 1898 in a church … Read MoreLangston University (1898– )

Wiley College (1873- )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, is the first African-American college established in the Lone Star State.  The institution was founded in 1873 by Bishop Isaac Wiley of Methodist Episcopal Church and chartered by the Freedman’s Aid Society in 1882. Isaac Wiley grew up with … Read MoreWiley College (1873- )