Hampton University (1868– )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Hampton University, located on the shore of Chesapeake Bay in Hampton, Virginia, was founded in 1868 by Samuel Chapman Armstrong, the son of a prominent missionary family that settled in Hawaii in the early 1800s. Armstrong was enrolled at Williams College … Read MoreHampton University (1868– )

Tullahassee Manual Labor School (1850-1924)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Tullahassee Manual Labor School was a boarding school for Creek freedmen funded by the Creek Nation in the Indian Territory.  The Tullahassee  school was originally founded in 1850 as the first of three boarding schools for the education of Creek children … Read MoreTullahassee Manual Labor School (1850-1924)

First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Seattle, Washington (1886- )

Established in 1886 when Washington was still a territory, the First African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Seattle, Washington is the state’s oldest black church.  Initially, members began by meeting in each other’s homes.  These meetings eventually led to the opening of a home based … Read MoreFirst African Methodist Episcopal Church, Seattle, Washington (1886- )

Silver Bluff Baptist Church [South Carolina] (1773- )

The first black Baptist congregation in South Carolina was formed in 1773 on the Galphin Plantation near Silver Bluff, 14 miles northwest of  Savannah, Georgia.  The church was founded jointly by Rev. Wait Palmer, a white Connecticut minister, and African American pastor, George Liele.  The … Read MoreSilver Bluff Baptist Church [South Carolina] (1773- )

First African Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia (1773– )

First African Baptist Church, located in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia, is recognized as one of the nation’s oldest African American Baptist Churches. Although the church was not officially established until 1788, the original congregation of mostly enslaved individuals had been formed in 1773 … Read MoreFirst African Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia (1773– )