The Winans (1981-2000)

The Winans, an R&B contemporary African American crossover gospel quartet, was created from the musical Winans family of Detroit, Michigan. They were discovered by the legendary Gospel composer Andraé Crouch, who signed them to Light Records in 1981. The quartet comprised brothers Marvin Lawrence Winans … Read MoreThe Winans (1981-2000)

Gamble and Huff for Philadelphia International (1967-1984)

The Philadelphia Sound was created by Kenneth (Kenny) Gamble and Leon A. Huff. Gamble, a composer, lyricist, and vocalist, was born on August 11, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Huff, a pianist, composer, vocalist, and percussionist, was born in the neighboring city of Camden, New Jersey … Read MoreGamble and Huff for Philadelphia International (1967-1984)

Holland-Dozier-Holland (1962-1970)

The musical trio known from Detroit, Michigan known as Holland-Dozier-Holland were the biological brothers Edward Holland, Jr., a lyricist born on October 30, 1939, and Brian Holland, a vocalist/composer/producer, born on February 15, 1941; and composer Lamont Dozier, born on June 16, 1941). These musicians, … Read MoreHolland-Dozier-Holland (1962-1970)

Golden Crown Quartet (1919-1955)

The Golden Crown Quartet was established in Norfolk, Virginia in 1919. The ensemble comprised baritone Samuel Benton, tenor Wilson Taylor, tenor James Holley and bass Maynard Bennett although very little is known about their backgrounds. Unlike the vast majority of African American religious artists in … Read MoreGolden Crown Quartet (1919-1955)

Kirk Franklin and the Family (1992-2010)

Kirk Franklin and the Family, an ensemble that comprised 23 singers and musicians who were biologically related or friends, was spearheaded and directed by contemporary gospel Grammy Award recipient Kirk Franklin (born January 26, 1970, in Dallas, Texas). This informal musical collaboration became an official … Read MoreKirk Franklin and the Family (1992-2010)