Freddie Stowers (1896-1918)

Freddie Stowers
Freddie Stowers

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Freddie Stowers, recognized posthumously for his heroism and bravery during the decisive Hundred Days Offensive in France in 1918, was the first Black soldier awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest U.S military decoration, for serving during World War I.

Born on January 12, 1896, in Sandy Springs, South Carolina to Wylie and Annie Stowers, Freddie Stowers was the fourth of ten children and grew up on his family’s farm. Later, he married Pearl Stowers and the couple had one daughter, Minnie Lee Stowers. The United States formally entered World War I in April 1917, and by October, 21-year-old Stowers was drafted into the U.S. Army and trained at Camp (now Fort) Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina.

More than half of Black soldiers were assigned to supply and service battalions whereas Stowers was assigned to the all-Black 93rd Division and Company C of the 371st Infantry Regiment as a combat soldier, and was promoted to Private First Class within two months.

In March 1918, General John Pershing, the commander of the American Expeditionary Force, which was created to support Allies in Europe, ordered the 371st and other Black Regiments to support the French military. By the next month, Stowers was sent overseas and attached to the 157th French Army, Red Hand Division, under General Mariano Goybet. This decision symbolically removed the French-trained, French-weapon-supplied Black American soldiers from the U.S. Army. It also effectively maintained the segregation policies of the U.S. Armed Forces at the time.

Black soldiers, however, soon learned that they enjoyed more civil rights due to the lack of similar discriminatory laws in France than they did in the United States. Stowers, building on his military expertise and training by the French, was promoted to Corporal in May 1918 and served as Squad Leader of Company C, less than a year after his conscription.

On September 28, 1918, he led his squad to capture Côte 188, a hill defended by German forces in the Ardennes region of France. The Germans resisted, firing off mortars, machine guns, and rifles, while his squad advanced. Not long into this attack, the Germans ceased fire and signaled their defeat. But, as Company C moved closer, they resumed firing with machine guns, killing or wounding half of Stowers’ company instantly, including the Lieutenant and higher-ranked officers.

Corporal Stowers, suddenly in charge of the Platoon, crawled under heavy fire, leading his men to target a machine gun nest in the first German trench line. Once that gun was destroyed, he led the assault to the second trench, and was critically injured by machine gun fire in the process.  Still, he urged his troops to continue their advance. Emboldened by his fortitude, they persevered and successfully captured the hill. Stowers died from his wounds that day at 22-years-old and was buried with 133 of his fellow soldiers at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial in Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, France.

France awarded the entire 371 Regiment the Croix de Guerre for valor and Stowers was recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross, the second-highest U.S. military decoration, by his commanding officer. This recommendation was raised to the Medal of Honor in December 1918.

An official investigation into the lack of Black Medal of Honor recipients in the 1980s revealed his original said-to-be-misplaced application in 1918. Seventy-three years later, on April 24, 1991, Georgiana Palmer and Mary Bowens, Stowers’ surviving sisters, accepted the Medal of Honor on his behalf from President George W. H. Bush at a White House ceremony. Stowers’ great-grandnephews, Senior Sergeant Douglas Warren and Technical Sergeant Odis Stowers of the U.S. Air Force, also attended.

Today, the Corporal Freddie Stowers Complex at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and Stowers Elementary School in Fort Benning, Georgia are named after Stowers.

U.S. Army Congressional Medal of Honor

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  3. Where fuel lower income is worst in Leicester as energy prices soar

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    at least 30,504 households across Leicester have probably always been struggling to afford energy bills as prices are set to rise further this year.

    Fuel poverty generally relates to households that need to spend a high proportion of their income to have their home reasonably warm.

    Latest government figures for 2021 showed that Leicester West has become the worst hit areas with 19.5 per cent of its households considered facing fuel poverty.

    read more: All newest money related news here

    which means 8,667 households struggled to keep their home adequately heated in the Leicester West constituency, Up from the 5,678 [url=]chnlove real or fake[/url] individuals and their families from the 2020 data.

    one additional 8,792 homes in Leicester South are in identically position, A portion of 16.6 per cent of households in the area.

    Leicester East was mixed as having 7,649 people living in fuel poverty, Up brought on by 6,016 at 2020.

    Read MoreNorth West Leicestershire also saw a three per cent rise in the proportion of households unable to have their homes properly heated from 2020 to 2021 with 5,386

    In November yr after, As house holds bills rose, Leicester City Council launched its Household Support Fund to help those struggling to make ends meet.

    Designed to run over the winter months, The city council planned to close the fund for functions in mid March, this excellent year.

    But after flip has prices continued to climb last year, It is expected that energy bills increase even more in 2022.

    British Gas boss Chris O warned that the energy crisis could last very good two years.

    Speaking to the BBC recently, Centrica chief executive, Mr O proclaimed “industry suggests” High gas prices will continue “for the next 18 months to two years,

    The price hike is not going away soon, in British Gas boss, Chris O this week, Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe called on the Government to take action to tackle poverty in a letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and private Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng.

    She written: “Even before current energy price crisis, An appallingly high number of Leicester East residents were forced to make the impossible choice between keeping or their loved ones warm or going hungry.

    “The energy price crisis will push more people over the brink of destitution. This crisis is not one to be felt equally. Those in poverty already spend the highest share of their incomes on daily essentials.

  4. most hazardous Mile Strikes Again

    earlier this month, New Times reported about a study that examined 20 years of fatal crash data across the country and found that the stretch of I 95 between I 595 and State Road 84 is the “Deadliest mile in the,

    “There are deficiencies that are currently claiming lives, Day in and day trip, dave Arias, A local public roadway safety negotiate, Told New Times at the begining of March, Citing high data transfer rates, complex entrance and exit ramps, Poor visibility of the roadway and overhead signs as everyday materials egregious problems there.

    Early stock exchange, NBC 6 accounts, A 31 year old man from Davie was killed after his silver Chevy Silverado hit and went over a concrete guardrail on the I 95 entrance ramp from State Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale and fell into a quality zone below. the motive force was ejected and died at the scene. researchers have not yet released the victim’s name.

    The pickup collided with another vehicle parked inside the development zone that had a passenger inside who was not injured.

    “you bet, People keep dying unless things change, Arias tells New behaviors. “We have outdated structure that’s less safe than it could be, this is exactly why we, undoubtedly, Have these tragic reports,

    Florida Highway Patrol did not respond to a call and email from New Times on Tuesday seeking comment about the fatal crash.

    Guillermo Canedo, representative for [url=]charmdate review[/url] the Florida Department of Transportation’s District 4, like Broward and Palm Beach counties, Tells New Times he cannot discuss the crash, Citing the ongoing look for.

    Canedo, however,within the other hand, Noted that the development zone where the pickup truck landed is part of the ongoing years long 95 Express Phase 3C project, Which will add one lane for motorists in each direction on I 95 and convert the earlier High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes into express lanes on a nine mile stretch of I 95 from Stirling Road in hollywood to Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

    “These are capacity results to help manage the congestion here in southeast Florida, Canedo tells how. “We have basically find you have no room and we can’t widen I 95 even more,

    From monday night through Sunday morning, I 95 northbound and southbound lanes at the State Road 84 interchange will be on holiday closed as crews place a newly constructed State Road 84 westbound bridge over I 95. 441, And Davie blvd.

    While this weekend’s upcoming improvement will not affect the earlier I 95 entrance ramps from State Road 84, Where Tuesday’s accident appeared, in overall project, Which is slated to be concluded by 2025, records “I 95/SR 84 interchange lifestyle improvements” which include increased signage and lighting.

    yr after, Canedo shows, flashing lights and rumble strips “To jar people’s involvement” Were installed on the southbound entrance ramp onto I 95 from State Road 84 in Fort Lauderdale after a woman driving a Mercedes Benz SUV plunged nearly 20 feet over the concrete guardrail and two men in a Cadillac SUV hit the same concrete guardrail and similarly fell off the same southbound entrance ramp onto I 95 within a span of roughly 24 hours last May.

    “all the things the department does is to make the roadways safer, Canedo sounds.

    While those three victims survived, 17 yr old Letroy Martin, jr., Died after crashing to qualify for the concrete guardrail on the I 95 exit ramp onto State Road 84 in August 2017. really last March, A 48 year old man died after flipping over the guardrail in a pickup truck on the I 95 exit ramp onto State Road 84.

    According to these study which was conducted by 1Point21 Interactive digital agency and the Elk Elk personal injury law firm and looked at more than 91,000 accidents that stretch of I 95 saw nearly 50 times how many fatal car accidents than the average highway mile: within between 2000 and 2019, 24 people died in 23 car failures.

  5. Amanda Harrington shares the lens on her latest shoot

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    AMANDA Harrington is sharing the highlight in her latest fashion shoot. with her pet pooch Bambi!

    The Liverpool model and her little dog are gracing the cover of the most recent issue of K9 magazine, A UK lifestyle glossy for pet lovers which features many methods from dog training to dog diet advice as well as interviews with well known dog owners.

    as a result, instead of the usual WAG spotting, Insider talked various type of wags to Amanda and quizzed her about now being half of a glamorous duo.

    How do you experience feeling about landing the cover of K9?

    I was very honoured as I know a lot of big the famous people have done the cover like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

    What did it mean so that you pose with your pet?

    It was lovely conducting a shoot with Bambi, It was lots of fun waiting to hear about his attention and his ears to stand up. We had such fun, He was so skilled professional and I’ll be having some of my favourite shots printed for some frames in my house. Lovely remembrance.

    Your look is a lot different to your usual shots, Is this a direction that you practice your modelling career in?

    Yes I’ve toned it right down less hair extensions, Natural make up and rooms that are small lashes. I prefer a more natural look these days.

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  7. The sign each day date based on your moon sign

    Finding out your moon sign can let do you know what kind of lover you best suited toCredit: GettyIt moves swiftly surrounding the zodiac, Visiting each sign for two to two and a half days. you most likely are a Scorpio, But your moon sign may well be in [url=]chnlove review[/url]’ll have your moon signcalculated here.Which moon signs are suitable in love?you’ve got your moon in a fire sign, for example,most notably Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, You would deal with a person who has fire in their sun sign.the common dates used byMystic Megfor each sign are below.Capricorn:December 22 economy is shown 20Aquarius:January 21 feb 18Pisces:february 19 March 20Aries:March 21 April 20Taurus:April 21 maybe 21Gemini:might possibly 22 June 21Cancer:June 22 July 22Leo:July 23 aug 23Virgo:August 24 september 22Libra:sept 23 October 23Scorpio:October 24 late 22Sagittarius:November 23 December 21News Group classifieds Limited in England No. 679215 professional office: 1 London Bridge community, london, SE1 9GF. “the sun, “bright light, “Sun e-commerce” Are registered logos or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers’ Limited’s Standard t’s and c’s in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. to check out a licence to reproduce material, take a look at our Syndication site. View our for the Press Pack. For other requests, contact,write. To see all content on The Sun, Please use this website Map. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards company (IPSO).

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