Mangun, Kimberley

Kimberley Mangun is an associate professor emerita of communication. She spent her career at The University of Utah, where she taught community reporting; conceptual classes on communication history, alternative media, and diversity; and a graduate seminar on historical research methods. Mangun studied the African American press and representations of women, race, and ethnicity in communication history, subjects she became interested in while in graduate school. An award-winning book, published by Oregon State University Press in 2010, examined the career of Beatrice Morrow Cannady, an editor and publisher who advocated for civil rights in Portland, Oregon, from 1912 until 1936. Mangun’s book was used as the basis for an Oregon Public Broadcasting documentary that premiered in May 2007 and continues to air regularly on OPB. A second award-winning book focused on Emory O. Jackson, the longtime editor of the Birmingham, Alabama, World who fought for equal rights during the key years of the civil rights movement. Mangun’s research has been published in American Journalism, Journalism History, Newspaper Research Journal, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Pacific Northwest Quarterly, African American National Biography, and other print and online publications.