El Paso Salt War, 1877

Image Ownership: Public Domain El Paso’s salt mines, located about a hundred miles east of the city, had long been used by local Indians and Chicanos.  In 1877, two local political factions struggled for control of the deposits; these were the so-called "Salt Ring" led … Read MoreEl Paso Salt War, 1877

Azusa Street Revival (1906-1909)

The Azusa Street Revival, beginning in the spring of 1906, largely spawned the worldwide Pentecostal movement. It commenced in a former African Methodist Episcopal church building located at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California. The primary leader was evangelist William J. Seymour, who came … Read MoreAzusa Street Revival (1906-1909)

Phoenix’s Thanksgiving Day Riot, 1942

On Thanksgiving 1942, an off-duty black soldier struck a black woman with a bottle following an argument in a Phoenix café.  An MP attempted to arrest the soldier, but he resisted with a knife.  When the MP shot and wounded the soldier, black servicemen protested.  … Read MorePhoenix’s Thanksgiving Day Riot, 1942

Battle of Tularosa (May 14, 1880)

May 1880 found Colonel Edward Hatch’s 9th Cavalry buffalo soldiers campaigning in the Southwest against the wily Apache leader Victorio.  A skilled practitioner of guerrilla warfare, Victorio – “The Triumphant One” – was proving difficult to catch, avoiding pursuit in Arizona and slipping into New … Read MoreBattle of Tularosa (May 14, 1880)