Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center (1968- )

The Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center is a government funded medical clinic that provides primary care services located in the heart of the Central District of Seattle, Washington. It was founded by Leon “Valentine” Hobbs in 1968 and further developed through Seattle Black Panther Party community services program. The Party saw … Read MoreCarolyn Downs Family Medical Center (1968- )

Frenchtown Houston, Texas (1922- )

Frenchtown, a community built in 1922 in Houston, Texas, was constructed by hundreds of Creole descendants of free French, Spanish, and African people living in southwestern Louisiana in the eighteenth century. Coming to Houston for economic opportunities, they settled and created this community because of … Read MoreFrenchtown Houston, Texas (1922- )

The Houston Negro Hospital-Riverside General Hospital (1926- )

Houston Negro Hospital, 1926 "Image Ownership: Public Domain" The Houston Negro Hospital was created in 1926 when the earlier black Union-Jeramiah Hospital was no longer capable of accommodating the rapidly growing black population of Houston, Texas. African American community leaders began a campaign to garner … Read MoreThe Houston Negro Hospital-Riverside General Hospital (1926- )

The Settlement (Galveston County, Texas) (1867-1953)

Restored Historic Bell Family Home, The Settlement "Image Ownership: Public Domain" The Settlement in current-day Texas City, Texas, was an independent community of African Americans established after the end of the Civil War. The community was located on three hundred and twenty acres in Galveston … Read MoreThe Settlement (Galveston County, Texas) (1867-1953)

Murray’s Dude Ranch, Apple Valley, California (1922–1960)

Joe Louis at Murray’s Dude Ranch, 1937 "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Murray’s Ranch, a guest ranch in Apple Valley, California, was unique in that it was owned by and catered primarily to African Americans, and because it served as the set for a number of … Read MoreMurray’s Dude Ranch, Apple Valley, California (1922–1960)

Hunters Point (San Francisco)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Hunters Point is a neighborhood of southeastern San Francisco set on a peninsula jutting into the San Francisco Bay.  The neighborhood is adjacent to the site of a former naval base, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.   Hunters Point has become an … Read MoreHunters Point (San Francisco)

The Inkwell, Santa Monica, California (1905-1964)

The Inkwell was a popular beach for African Americans in Southern California through the middle decades of the Twentieth Century.  The beach at Bay Street fanning out a block to the north and south was derogatorily called “The Inkwell” by nearby Anglos in reference to … Read MoreThe Inkwell, Santa Monica, California (1905-1964)

Fillmore District, San Francisco

San Francisco’s Fillmore District Image Courtesy of Lianne Milton Although Third Baptist Church, the first black church of San Francisco, was established in 1852 in the Fillmore District, located west of downtown San Francisco, this historic area has been the home to a number of … Read MoreFillmore District, San Francisco