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Listed below are the newest posts added to Please return to this page often as it will change almost daily. Also, please use this page as a gateway to the thousands of other pages of information on the website.

New African American History Entries:

Cleveland's Hough Riots of 1966
Flint, Michigan Riot, 1967
Philadelphia Race Riot, 1964
George Neves Leighton
Riots in St. Petersburg, Florida, 1996
William Chester Jordan
William E. Ward
Julian H. Lewis
Paterson, New Jersey Uprising, 1964
Jack Greenberg
Harold Amos
1895 New Orleans Dockworkers Riot
Deaunta T. Farrow
Elizabeth, New Jersey Uprising, 1964
Chicago, Illinois Uprising, 1966
Baltimore Protests and Riots, 2015
Lloyd J. Austin III
Helen Octavia Dickens
Henry Glover
Renty B. Franklin
Shantel Davis
Philip Goodwin Freelon
Pulaski Race Riot
Shereese Francis
Philip Emeagwali
Alysa Stanton
Timothy R. Russell
Villa Lewaro
Villa Lewaro, Mansion of Madame CJ Walker
Villa Lewaro, Mansion of Madame CJ Walker

Full List of African American History Entries

New African American History Entries in the West:

Albina Riot, Portland, Oregon, 1967
Derrick Jones
James H. Garrott
Reginald Doucet
Houston (TSU) Riot, 1967
David Surmier Cunningham
Hunter's Point, San Francisco Uprising
Joseph L. White
The Oscar Grant (Oakland) Protests
Dr. Robert Doyle Bullard
Orlando Barlow

Full List of African American History in the West Entries

New Global African History Entries:

Didier Yapi
David Frank Adjaye
Jean Baptiste Lislet-Geoffroy
Jesus Villanueva Merritt
Raimondo di Cabanni
David Wabeladio Payi
Claudio Brindis de Salas
Creole Case, 1841
John William, a.k.a. Ernest Armand Huss
Josef Johan Cosmo Nassy
Louis Brody

Full List of Global African American History Entries

New Perspectives Article:

The Construction of the Alaska Highway, 1942: The Role of Race in the Far North

Full List of Perspectives Articles

New Special Features:

The Black Lives Matter Movement

Racial Violence in the United States

Lynchings in The United States Since 1865

Race, Crime, and Incarceration in the United States

New African American History Primary Documents:

William Hooper Councill's Letter to the White People of Alabama, 1901
William Hannibal Thomas on the American Negro (1901)
George S. Schulyer, “The Negro-Art Hokum” (1926)
Zora Neale Hurston's Letter to the Orlando Sentinel, 1955

Full List of African American History Primary Documents

New African American History in the West Primary Documents:

Alaska Fair Employment Practices Law
Full list of African American History in the West Primary Documents

New Speeches on

(1893) Frances E.W. Harper, "Woman's Political Future"

(1963) Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, "Religion and Race"

(2017) New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu's Address on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

Full List of Speeches By African Americans

New Genealogy Links

Family Search: African American Online Geneaology
Reclaiming Kin: Taking Back What Was Once Lost

Full List of African American Geneaology Resources

New Research Guides & Websites


For A Full List of of Research Guides and Websites on click on the following:
AAH Research Guides and Websites
AAW Research Guides and Websites
GAH Research Guides and Websites

Special Resources:

Robert Fikes's Corner
National African American Historic Landmarks by State

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