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Listed below are the newest posts added to  Please return to this page often as it will change almost daily.  Also, please use this page as a gateway to the thousands of other pages of information on the website.

New African American History Entries:

Amadou Diallo
Maritcha Lyons
Lynn Whitfield
Hines Edward Ward
Ernest "Rip" Patton
Tawana Glenda Brawley
Derek Jeter
Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes
Ophelia Mitchell
Robert Louis Shepard
Omarosa Manigault
Luisa Harris
Ann Cole Lowe
Bernice Mathews
Willis Augustus Hodges
Effie Waller
James Lopez Watson
Gordon Hawkins
Julius Chambers
Christopher Curtis
Naomi Ruth Sims
Tyra Banks
Layle Lane
Louisville Western Branch Library
Otto Huiswoud
Robert "Bob" Cole, Jr.
Lamar Smith
William Henry Hunt
Ruth Brown
McCollum Ruby
Willard Townsend
United States Colored Troops
Theophilus Lewis
Roberta Alexander
Erma Clardy Craven
Lynne Patton
Haben Girma
Arch Colson Whitehead
Arsenio Hall
Alveda King
Lucille Campbell Green Randolph
Raymond Anthony Lewis, Jr.
Raymell Mourice Rice
Ada M. Fisher
Esteban Hotesse
Eldon Fax
Dr. Carla Diane Hayden
Al Jarreau
Mohammed Ali “Nicholas” Said
Philippa Schuyler
Veronica Webb
Wilson Pickett
Jimmie Lunceford
Frank R. Crosswaith
Milt (“Bags”) Jackson
Villa Lewaro
Villa Lewaro, Mansion of Madame CJ Walker
Villa Lewaro, Mansion of Madame CJ Walker

Full List of African American History Entries

New African American History Entries in the West:

Marvin Perkins
Elvin R. Caldwell, Sr.
Leslie Lisa Deshaun
Maurice Washington
Colin Kaepernick
Michael Morgan
Lorenzo Romar
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
African Americans and the Manhattan Project
Frenchtown, Houston, Texas
John Slaughter
Booker T. Washington's visit to Spokane
Joe Brazil
Robert Nero Controversy
Indian Severalty/ Dawes and Curtis Acts
Morning Star Baptist Missionary Church
Fire Station 30, Los Angeles
Hotel Robinson
Joe Travis
Boston Saloon
East Pasco Co-Op
Richard Jones
Ladies' Refugee Aid Society
Sebastian's Cotton Club, Culver City
Richard Freeman
Emmett Holmes
James Evans
Isaiah Mays
Stacey Dash
Hall of Negro Life, Texas Centennial Exposition, 1936
Jonathan Moore
Bobby Womack
First AME Church, Oakland
Oscar Juliuss Grant III

Full List of African American History in the West Entries

New Global African History Entries:

E.R. Braithwaite
Jeanne Vialle
Deise Nunes Ferst
Shirley Bassey
Pernell-Karl Sylvester “P.K.” Subban
Laurent-Désiré Kabila
Jacques Roumain
Maritza Correia
Rosângela Cristina Oliveira Santos
René Préval
Baptist War
William Henry Ellis
Operation Moses, Joshua, and Solomon
Yahya Jammeh
Adama Barrow
Demerara Rebellion
Beatriz Nascimento
Chica da Silva

María Isabel Urrutia Ocoró
María Isabel Urrutia Ocoró
María Isabel Urrutia Ocoró
Raphaël Élizé
Piedad Córdoba
José María Morelos y Pavón 
José María Morelos y Pavón

Full List of Global African American History Entries

New Perspectives Article: 

Challenging Caste and Race: The Campaign for Integrated Higher Education in the Reconstruction Era

Full List of Perspectives Articles

New Special Features:

African Americans (Black Mormons) and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

New African American History Primary Documents:

William Hooper Councill's Letter to the White People of Alabama, 1901
William Hannibal Thomas on the American Negro (1901)
Zora Neale Hurston's Letter to the Orlando Sentinel, 1955
Benjamin Banneker's Letter to Thomas Jefferson
Executive Order 9346
Second Morrill Act (1890)

Full List of African American History Primary Documents

New African American History in the West Primary Documents:

Alaska Fair Employment Practices Law
Full list of African American History in the West Primary Documents

New Speeches on

(1983) Glenn Loury, Responsibility and Race
(1993) Clarence Thomas, The New Intolerance

(2013) Benjamin Carson Nationa Prayer Breakfast Speech

(1926) George Schulyer, The Negro Art Hokum

(1980) Thomas Sowell, Politics and Opportunity: Background

(1987) Clarence Thomas, Why Black Americans Should Look to Conservative Politics

Full List of Speeches By African Americans

New Genealogy Links

Family Search: African American Online Geneaology
Reclaiming Kin: Taking Back What Was Once Lost

Full List of African American Geneaology Resources

New Research Guides & Websites


For A Full List of of Research Guides and Websites on click on the following:
AAH Research Guides and Websites 
AAW Research Guides and Websites 
GAH Research Guides and Websites

Special Features: and the World
Images of Tony Gleaton: Documentary

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