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Online Encyclopedia of Significant People and Places in African American History

The following are short descriptions of individuals, places and events which have contributed to the shaping of African American history. These encyclopedia entries serve as a starting point for much more inclusive descriptions and discussions that appear in other sources. For additional information please consult the print or website sources cited in the entry.

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Entry Titlesort iconEntry Type
Thompson, Bennie G. (1948- )People
Thompson, Don (1963- )People
Thompson, John Edward West (1855-1918)People
Thompson, John Robert, Jr. (1941- )People
Thompson, McKinley (1922–2006)People
Thompson, Theophilus (1855-?)People
Thornton, Robert Ambrose (1902-1982)People
Thornton, Willie Mae “Big Mama” (1926-1984)People
Thurman, Wallace (1902-1934)People
Thurmond, Nathaniel “Nate” (1941–2016)People
Tiffany, Cyrus (1738-1818)People
Till, Emmett Louis (1941-1955)People
Till, Hannah Archer (1721–1826) People
Tillman, William B. (a.k.a. William Tilghman, 1834?-1880?)People
Tillmon, Johnnie (1926-1995)People
TLC (1991- )Organizations
Tobias, Channing H. (1882-1961)People
Todman, Terence A. (1926-2014) People
Tolton, Augustus (Augustine) (1854-1897)People
Tometi, Opal (1984- )People
Tomlin, Mike (1972- )People
Tony Dungy (1955- )People
Toomer, Amanda America Dickson (1849-1893)People
Toomer, Jean (1894-1967)People
Tougaloo College (1869-- )Institutions
Toussaint, Pierre (ca.1781-1853) and Gaston, Marie-Rose Juliette (1786-1851)People
Towns, Edolphus (1934- )People
Townsend, Robert (1957 - )People
Townsend, Willard S. (1895-1957)People
TransAfrica Forum (1977- )People
Travis, Dempsey Jerome (1920- )People
Trench, Robert K. (1940-- )People
Trévigne, Paul (1825-1908)People
Trice, Virgil Garnett, Jr. (1926-1997)People
Trotter, William Monroe (1872-1934)People
True Reformers Bank, The (1888-1910)Institutions
Truth, Sojourner, Isabella Baumfree (ca. 1791-1883)People
Tubman, Harriet Ross (c. 1821-1913)People
Tucker, C. DeLores (1927-2005)People
Tucker, Lorenzo (1907-1986)People
Tucker, William (1624- ? ) People
Tunnell, Emlen Lewis (1925-1975)People
Turner, Benjamin Sterling (1825-1894)People
Turner, Charles Henry (1867-1923)People
Turner, Charles Henry (1867-1923)People
Turner, Darwin T. (1931- 1991)People
Turner, Debbye (1965- )People
Turner, Henry McNeal (1834-1915)People
Turner, Jack (circa 1840-1882)People
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