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Online Encyclopedia of Significant People and Places in African American History

The following are short descriptions of individuals, places and events which have contributed to the shaping of African American history. These encyclopedia entries serve as a starting point for much more inclusive descriptions and discussions that appear in other sources. For additional information please consult the print or website sources cited in the entry.

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Entry Titlesort iconEntry Type
Foxx, Jamie (1967- )People
Foxx, Redd (1922-1991)People
Francis, Jacob (1754-1836)People
Franklin, John Hope (1915--2009)People
Franklin, Shirley Clarke (1945- )People
Fraser, Sarah Loguen (1850-1933)People
Fraser-Reid, Bertram O. (1934- )People
Fraunces TavernPlaces
Frazer, Jendayi E. (1961- )People
Frazer, Victor O. (1943- )People
Frazier, E. Franklin (1894-1962)People
Frazier, Joe (1944-2011)People
Frazier, Kenneth C. (1954- )People
Frazier, Walt (1945- )People
Free African Society of Philadelphia (1787- ?)Organizations
Freedmen’s Hospital/Howard University Hospital (1862-- )Institutions
Freedmen’s Savings and Trust Company (1865-1874)Misc
Freedom Rides (1961)Events
Freedom Summer (June–August 1964)People
Freedomways (1961-1985)Misc
Freedom’s Journal (1827-1829)Institutions
Freeman Beach\Seabreeze, Wilmington, North Carolina (ca. 1885- )People
Freeman, Elizabeth (Mum Bett) (1742-1829)People
Freeman, Fillmore (1936-- )People
Freeman, Harry Lawrence (1869-1954)People
Freeman, Morgan (1937- )People
Freeman, Paul (1936- )People
Freeman, Robert Tanner (1846-1873)People
Friends of Negro Freedom (1920-1930)Organizations
Fudge, Marcia (1952 - )People
Fuller, Charles Henry, Jr. (1939- )People
Fuller, Hoyt W. (1923-1981)People
Fuller, Meta Warrick (1877-1968)People
Fuller, Solomon Carter (1872-1953)People
Furniss, Sumner Alexander (1874-1953)People
Gadsden, James I. (1948- )People
Gaines, Ernest James (1933- )People
Galamison, Milton A. (1923-1988)People
Galindo, Maykel (1981- )People
Ganaway, King Daniel (1882- 1944)People
Gantt, Harvey Bernard (1943- )People
Gardner, Christopher Paul (1954- )People
Gardner-Chavis, Ralph (1922- )People
Garland, Walter Benjamin Stephen (1913-197?)People
Garnet, Henry Highland (1815-1882)People
Garnet, Sarah J. Smith Tompkins (1831-1911)People
Garvey, Amy Ashwood (1897-1969)People
Garvey, Amy Jacques (1896-1973)People
Garvey, Marcus (1887-1940)People
Gaspard, Patrick (1967- )People
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