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Contributors - Student Historians

Contributor Name:sort iconAffiliation:
Ackerman, LaurenUniversity of Washington, SeattleLauren Ackerman  pic.JPG
Adams, ChelseaUniversity of Washington, SeattleChelsea Adams.jpg
Agee, HeatherBerea Collegeagee_heather.jpg
Aguirre, MichaelUniversity of Washington, SeattleMichael Aguirre.JPG
Aller, HenryUniversity of Washington, SeattleHenry Aller.JPG
Amica, Jedidiah I.Berea College Amica_Jedidiah.JPG
Anacker, CaelenMontana State UniversityAncker_Cael.jpg
Anderson, Erica LeeUniversity of Washington, Seattleanderson_erica.jpg
Baadom-Piaro, Bemene Berea CollegeBaadom-Piaro_bemene.jpg
Barkley, Charles KellyOregon State UniversityCharles Kelly Barkley Bio Photo.jpg
Barton, CoreyBerea Collegebarton_corey.jpg
Belmond, VanessaLos Angeles Pierce CollegeVanessa Belmond.png
Benjamin, WinstonUniversity of Washington, SeattleWinston Benjamin.jpg
Bernal, AudryUniversity of Washington, SeattleAudry Bernal.JPG
Besel, PeterUniversity of Washington, SeattlePeter Besel 02.jpg
Beverton, AlysUniversity of Sussex, Englandbeverton_alys.jpg
Bey, MarquisCornell UniversityMarquis Bey.jpg
Bilow, AliUniversity of Washington, Seattle Bilow_Ali.JPG
Bishop, MisunUniversity of Washington, SeattleMisun Bishop.JPG
Bishop, Victoria (Tori)University of Washington, SeattleVictoria Bishop.jpg
Black, JanineTemple Universityjanine.jpg
Bletson, DyshaunticUniversity of Washington, Seattlebletson_Dyshauntic.jpg
Blue, Christopher T.University of Washington, SeattleChris-T.-Blue.JPG
Blyden, RuthBerea CollegeRuth-Blyden.jpg
Boydston, CassandraUniversity of Washington, SeattleCassandra Boydston. 2 jpg.jpg
Bradley, AndersUniversity of Washington, SeattleAnders Bradley02.jpg
Bradley, JonathanUniversity of Sydney, AustraliaJonathan Bradley.jpg
Braimah, AyodaleUniversity of KansasAyodele Braimah.jpg
Brenc, WillieStanford UniversityWilliam Brenc.jpg
Brenton, FelixUniversity of Sussex, Englandbrenton_felix.jpg
Bright, LorenzoJohns Hopkins UniversityLorenzo Bright02.jpg
Brodsky, MeganUniversity of Washington, SeattleMegan Brodsky02.jpg
Brown, AmyUniversity of Washington, Seattlebrown_amy1.jpg
Bryan, ErikaUniversity of Washington, SeattleErika Bryan.JPG
Byarlay, RyanUniversity of Washington, SeattleByarlay_Ryan.JPG
Campbell, BrentUniversity of Washington, Seatttlebio_campbell_brent.jpg
Campbell, RachelSyracuse UniversityRachel Campbell02.jpg
Carr, TaylorUniversity of Washington, SeattleCarr_Taylor.jpg
Cauthen, ChasityMorgan State UniversityChasity Cauthen.jpg
Cheam, BunthayUniversity of Washington, SeattleCheam_Bunthay.jpg
Cho, NancyUniversity of Washington, SeattleNancy Cho.jpg
Christensen, StephanieUniversity of Washington, SeattleChristensen_Stephanie.jpg
Clevenger, SamuelUniversity of WyomingSamuel Clevenger-1.jpg
Cobbins, Quin'Nita F.University of Washington, Seattlecobbins.jpg
Coblentz, DavidUniversity of Washington, SeattleDavid Coblentz small pic.jpg
Cooper, Weston W.University of Washington, SeattleWeston Wang Cooper(1).JPG
Cortes, DavidUniversity of Washington, SeattleDavid Cortes.jpg
Cousins, EmilyUniversity of Bath, EnglandEmily Cousins.jpg
Cruickshank, RobertUniversity of Washington, SeattleCruickshank_Robert_I..jpg
Curry, AndrewUniversity of Washington, SeattleAndrew Curry.jpg
Davis, LaQuantaeUniversity of Washington, SeattleDavis_LaQuantae.jpg
Dhadon, DhadonBerea CollegeDhadon_Dhadon.JPG
Díaz, SaraUniversity of Washington, Seattlediaz_sara.jpg
Drousie, ÉmileSciences Po, ParisEmile Drousie 02.jpg
Eaton, AmberUniversity of Washington, SeattleEaton_Amber.JPG
Eddins, CrystalMichigan State UniversityCrystal Eddins.jpg
Egu, Ken ChiedozieUniversity of Washington, SeattleKen Egu.jpg
Elkholy, Ayman TarekUniversity of Washington, SeattleAyman Tarek Elkholy.JPG
Engledew, Devin JohnUniversity of Washington, Seattleengledew_devin.jpg
Erbach, ElizabethBerea CollegeElizabeth Erbach photo.jpg
Erickson, ShannonUniversity of Washington, SeattleShannon-Erickson.jpg
Ernst, AlinaUniversity of Washington, SeattleAlina Ernst 02.jpg
Evans, Marissa K.University of Washington, SeattleEvans_Marissa.JPG
Faal, CourtneyUniversity of Washington, SeattleFaal_Courtney.JPG
Farley, Lauren E.Berea CollegeLauren-Farley.jpg
Farthing, BrianUniversity of Washington, SeattleBrian Farthing02.jpg
Fate, MichaelUniversity of Washington, SeattleMichael Fate.jpg
Fawthrop, ElizabethUniversity of Washington, SeattleFawthrop Elizabeth.jpg
Feder-Haugabook, AyalaUniversity of Washington, SeattleAyala Feder-Haugabook-2.jpg
Feldman, LaurieUniversity of Washington, SeattleLaurie Feldman.jpg
Fernandez, MaritzaUniversity of Washington, SeattleMaritza Fernandez 02.jpg
Fletcher-Brown, Charlene J.Indiana UniversityCharlene  Fletcher-Brown Photo3.jpg
Foreman, CheyenneUniversity of Washington, SeattleCheyenne Foreman 02.jpg
Foster, HannahUniversity of Washington, SeattleHannah Foster.jpg
Foyart, PaulSciences Po, ParisPaul Foyart 02.jpg
Frailey, PaulUniversity of Washington, SeattlePaul Frailey.jpg
Franz, AlyssaUniversity of Washington, SeattleAlyssa Jewell Franz.JPG
Fried, RebeccaSidwell Friends SchoolNo Image Available.jpg
Gallaher, RachelUniversity of Washington, SeattleRachel_Gallaher.JPG
Gaspaire, BrentWestern Washington UniversityBrent Gaspaire.jpg
Genatossio, NoahUniversity of Washington, SeattleNoah Genatossio.jpg
Gillmer, SophiaUniversity of Washington, SeattleSophia Gillmer03.jpg
Graham, CaseyUniversity of Washington, SeattleCasey Graham.jpg
Granshaw, MichelleUniversity of PittsburghGranshaw_Michelle.jpg
Greenlaw, MarshallUniversity of Washington, SeattleMarshall Greenlaw.JPG
Greve, EricUniversity of Washington, SeattleEric Greve.jpg
Griffith, Susan J.University of Washington, SeattleSusan Griffith.jpg
Guy, James CameronUniversity of Washington, SeattleJames Cameron Guy.jpg
Hamilton, Samuel Z.University of FloridaSamuel Z. Hamilton.jpg
Handel, HeatherUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_handel_heather.jpg
Harding, LakeishaUniversity of Washington, Seattleharding_lakeisha.jpg
Helm, MattUniversity of Washington, SeattleHelm_Matt.JPG
Helton, DanielUniversity of Washington, SeattleDaniel Helton 02.jpg
Henry, Victor Jr.Berea CollegeHenry_Victor.JPG
Hill, RebeccaYork University (Canada)rebecca hill(1).jpg
Hodder, KevinUniversity of Washington, SeattleKevin Hodder.jpg
Hoffman, Brian GeneUniversity of Washington, SeattleHoffman_Brian.JPG
Hooton, LauraUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraLaura Fleisch image.jpg
Hsu, AustinUniversity of Washington, SeattleAustin Hsu02.jpg
Iaroslavtsev, NicholasUniversity of Washington, SeattleNicholas Iaroslavtsev 02.jpg
Irons, Stasia MehschelUniversity of Washington, Seattleirons_stasia.jpg
Jackson, ErrinUniversity of Washington, Seattlejackson_errin.jpg
Jackson, JoelleUniversity of Washington, SeattleJoelle J. Jackson.jpg
Joe, MonicaUniversity of Washington, SeattleMonica Joe.jpg
Johnson, ChristopherUniversity of Washington, Seattlejohnson_chris.jpg
Jones, AshleyUniversity of Washington, SeattleAshley-N.-Jones.JPG
Jones, JamesUniversity of Washington, SeattleJames Jones.jpg
Juantuah, KwadwoBerea CollegeJuantuah_kwadwo.jpg
Kaubisch, BarretUniversity of Washington, SeattleKaubisch Barret.jpg
Kaul, AbhinavUniversity of Washington, SeattleKaul_Abhinav.JPG
Kemezis, Kathleen University of Washington, SeattleKathleen Kemezis.JPG
Key, NovelleUniversity of Washington, SeattleNovelle Key 02.jpg
Kindig, JessieUniversity of Washington, Seattlekindig_jessie.jpg
Kinson, ChristopherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignChristopher Kinson.jpg
Kirk, IanUniversity of Washington, SeattleIan Kirk.JPG
Kissinger, MichaelUniversity of Washington, SeattleMichael Kissinger.jpg
Klein, AlexanderUniversity of Washington, SeattleAlex Klein.jpg
Knight, StephanieAntioch McGregor Universitybio_knight_stephanie.jpg
Kreiger, CarolineUniversity of Washington, Seattlekrieger_caroline.jpg
Kyriacopoulos, Konstantine A.University of Washington, SeattleKyriacopoulos_Konstantine.jpg
Lane, HaleyUniversity of Washington, Seattlelane_haley.jpg
Lanum, MackenzieUniversity of Washington, SeattleMackenzie Elkins.jpg
Larsen, Julia HenningUniversity of Washington, SeattleJulia-Larsen.JPG
Leichner, HelenUniversity of Washington, SeattleHelen Leichner.jpg
Lohse, BillUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_lohse_bill.jpg
Macauley, Stephen NathanielUniversity of UtahMacauley_Stephen.jpg
Maguire, LéaSciences Po, ParisLea Maguire 02.jpg
Mahoney, EleanorUniversity of Washington, SeattleEleanor Mahoney.jpg
Malcolm, Tavis AlanUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_malcolm_tavis.jpg
Manos, NickUniversity of Washington, Seattlemanos_nick.JPG
Mars, Shaun MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_mars_shaun.jpg
Martinez, Eligio Jr.University of Washington, SeattleMartinez_E.jpg
Mathies, StephanieBerea CollegeMathies_Stephanie.JPG
Matsumaru, MichaelUniversity of New OrleansMichael Matsumaru.jpg
Maxwell, ElissaUniversity of Washington, SeattleElissa Maxwell 02.jpg
McBride, ColinUniversity of Washington, SeattleColin McBride.jpg
McCurdy, DevonUniversity of Washington, Seattlemccurdy_devon.jpg
McInelly, CadeUniversity of Washington, SeattleCade McInelly.JPG
Meakin, KateUniversity of Hull, EnglandKate Meakin.jpg
Mealey, RichUniversity of Washington, SeattleRich Mealey.jpg
Mennenga, LacindaUniversity of Washington, SeattleLucinda-Mennenga,-2.JPG
Mentor, MadalynBerea Collegementor_madalyn_crop1.jpg
Mikkelsen, Jr., EdwardUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_mikkelsen_ed.JPG
Mills, DarhianUniversity of Washington, SeattleDarhian Mills.JPG
Modica, AaronUniversity of Washington, Seattleaaron modica.jpg
Mohn, StephenUniversity of Washington, Seattle Mohn_Stephen.JPG
Momodu, SamuelSouthern New Hampshire UniversityMomodu Graduation Photo.jpg
Mouser, JosephUniversity of Washington, SeattleJoseph Mouser Photo.jpg
Munro, RobertMichigan State UniversityRobert Munro.jpg
Negassa, SemharUniversity of Washington, SeattleSemhar Negassa.jpg
Newman, AlexisUniversity of Washington, SeattleAlexis Newman.JPG
O'Connor, Allison MarieUniversity of Washington, SeattleO'Connor_Allison_Marie.JPG
Okocha, VictorUniversity of Washington, Seattleokocha_victor.jpg
Ott, ChrisUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_ott_chris.jpg
Partin, ElliotUniversity of Washington, SeattleElliot Partin.jpg
Passannante, AugustUniversity of Washington, SeattleAugust Passannante 02.jpg
Patterson, Vanessa LeAnneUniversity of Washington, SeattleVanessa Patterson.jpg
Pelton, Tristan MichaelUniversity of Washington, Seattlepelton_tristan.jpg
Peters, Paula J.University of Washington, SeattlePaula Peters.jpg
Peterson, HeatherUniversity of Washington, SeattleHeather-Peterson.JPG
Pitts, VanessaUniversity of Washington, SeattleVanessa Pitts.jpg
Pitzer, RobertUniversity of Washington, SeattlePitzer_robert.jpg
Powell, MeiliUniversity of Washington, SeattleMeili Powell.jpg
Pratt, ShontoriaSyracuse UniversityShontoria Pratt02.jpg
Pratt, Tiffany L. Berea CollegeTiffany Pratt.JPG
Quintero, MariaUniversity of Washington, SeattleMaria de Jesus Quintero.JPG
Rand-Caplan, Ramona L.University of New MexicoRamona Caplan.2.jpg
Rex, KyleUniversity of Washington, SeattleKyle Rex.jpg
Reynolds, JacquelineHoward Universitybio_reynolds_jacqueline.jpg
Rivet, NathanUniversity of Washington, SeattleNathan Rivet.JPG
Rixon, KarlaUniversity of Washington, SeattleKarla Rixon.jpg
Robinette, DesireeUniversity of Washington, SeattleDesiree Robinette.JPG
Robinson, Yonaia University of Washington, SeattleYonaia Robinson.jpg
Rodriguez Candeaux, SuyentSyracuse UniversitySuyent Rodriguez Candeaux02.jpg
Rodriguez, AlbertUniversity of HoustonAlbert Rodriguez.jpg
Rogers, Brittany RoseUniversity of Washington, SeattleRogers_Brittany.JPG
Roose, HollyUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraHolly Roose.jpg
Rop, JimmyBerea CollegeJimmy Rop.JPG
Rozen-Wheeler, AdamUniversity of Washington, SeattleAdam Rozen-Wheeler.JPG
Rupert, AllisonUniversity of Washington, SeattleRupert_Allison.JPG
Sadrud-Din, Zaakira L.Morgan State UniversityZaakira Sadrud-Din.jpg
Sahle, TemneetUniversity of Washington, SeattleTemneet Sahle.jpg
Salter, DarenUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_salter_dan.jpg
Sanders, DarsheikesBerea CollegeSanders_Dee.jpg
Schott-Bresler, KaylaUniversity of Washington, SeattleKayla Schott-Bresler.jpg
Schrempp, ZachUniversity of Washington, SeattleZach Schrempp.jpg
Sclater, Karla KellingUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_sclater_karla.JPG
Scott-Zerr, Amy MarieUniversity of Washington, SeattleAmy Scott-Zerr.jpg
Smith, TianaUniversity of Washington, SeattleTiara Smith 02.jpg
Sobers-Outlaw, GillUniversity of Washington, SeattleGill Sobers-Outlaw.jpg
Staten, CandaceUniversity of Washington, SeattleCandace Staten1.jpg
Stirling, RobertUniversity of Washington, SeattleRobert-Stirling.jpg
Stultz, SpencerSyracuse UniversitySpencer Stultz Bio Photo02.jpg
Sullivan, ErinArizona State UniversityErin Sullivan.jpg
Sullivan, WillUniversity of Washington, SeattleWill Sullivan.JPG
Swan, JuliaUniversity of Washington, Seattleswan_julia.jpg
Swanson, AbigailUniversity of Washington, SeattleAbigail Swanson.jpg
Tamakloe, Selorm University of Washington, SeattleSelorm Tamakloe Image.jpeg
Tesfa, HasanBerea CollegeHasan Tesfa.JPG
Tesfu, JuliannaUniversity of Washington, SeattleJulianna-Tesfu.JPG
Thomas, Crystal D.Berea Collegethomas_crystal.jpg
Tolly, VictorUniversity of Washington, Seattletolly_victor.jpg
Trsek, KellyUniversity of Washington, SeattleKelly Trsek.jpg
Tsakanias, CarolineUniversité Paul Valéry (France)Caroline Tsakanias 02.jpg
Turner, CoryUniversity of Washington, SeattleCory Turner.jpg
Van Houten, MattUniversity of Washington, Seattlevan_houten_matt.jpg
Veitenhans, ColeyUniversity of Washington, SeattleVeitenhans.jpg
Venable, Cecilia GutierrezUniversity of Texas, El PasoCecilia_Venable.jpg
Von Lehman, KatieUniversity of Washington, Seattlebio_von_lehmam_kati.jpg
Wada, KayomiUniversity of Washington, Tacomawada_kayomi.jpg
Walton, PeterUniversity of Washington, SeattleWalton_Peter.jpg
Wang, Tabitha C.University of Washington, SeattleTabitha-Wang.JPG
Washington, AnthonyUniversity of Washington, SeattleAnthony Washington.jpg
Washington, Matthew G.Morgan State UniversityMatthew Washington.JPG
Weber, ErikaUniversity of Washington, SeattleErika Weber 02.jpg
West, RacquelUniversity of Washington, SeattleRacqel West02.jpg
Westbrook, ArianaUniversity of Washington, SeattleWestbrook_Ariana.jpg
White, DavonUniversity of Washington, SeattleDavon White02.jpg
Wiggs, FredUniversity of Washington, Seattle Fred-Wiggs.jpg
Williams, MichaelUniversity of Washington, SeattleMichael Williams.jpg
Wilson, TeishaMorgan State UniversityTeisha Wilson.jpg
Winter, ElizabethUniversity of Washington, SeattleWinter_Elizabeth.JPG
Wirth, NikolausUniversity of Augsburg, Germanywirth_nikolaus.jpg
Wisniewska, ZuzannaUniversity of Washington, SeattleZuzunna Wisniewska 02.jpg
Withun, DavidFaulkner UniversityDavid Withun02.jpg
Woods, Warren Dawson IIIUniversity of Washington, SeattleWarren Woods, 2.jpg
Yared, Ephrem University of Washington, SeattleEphrem Yared.JPG
Yearwood, ArmaniUniversity of Washington, SeattleArmani Yearwood.png
Yoo, Jiwon AmyColumbia UniversityJiwon_Amy_Yoo.jpg
Yu, Karlson University of Washington, SeattleYu,_Karlson.JPG
Zhong, MichelleUniversity of Washington, SeattleMichelle Zhong 02.jpg
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